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Dolphins' Den is an exciting new project which aims to empower people with a learning disability to set up their own business or community project

Dolphins' Den

About Dolphins' Den


supportDolphins’ Den aims to empower people to achieve their dreams. We encourage people with a learning disability to believe in themsleves and to set up their own business or community project.

How does Dolphins' Den work?

HowDolphins' Den begins with a series of workshops which aim to support people to think about their ideas for a business or community project. After completing the workshops, participants can sign up to receive one-to-one mentoring from a local business person. The role of a mentor is to support the participants to make their idea a reality.

 Find outFind out more about our projects, about mentoring for Dolphins' Den or about opportunities for local businesses to get involved and support the project.


Empowering people to achieve their dreams

Andrew Bright"My name is Andrew Bright and I am a Service Quality Director and Learning & Development Project Partner at Thera.


I have been involved in supporting other people with a learning disability for over twenty years and I know all about the challenges that people face when trying to find employment.

InspireThe inspiration for Dolphins' Den came from our own experiences of gaining employment and the need to inspire other people with a learning disability to achieve their potential. We decided to base the project loosely on the BBC television programme Dragons' Den.


Dolphins' Den supports you to become an entrepreneur by providing the knowledge and confidence you need to set up your own business or community project. Our aim is for you to become more independent and learn new things, but most importantly to believe in yourself and live the life you want!"


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