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Thera is a group of companies that support adults with a learning disability in their own home, at work, in their local community and for short breaks.

How we can help

supportThera specialises in providing support to people with a learning disability.

Everyone has their own support needs and wishes for their lives. Your support is designed with you and led by you.

listenWe listen to you to find out what you need and how you want to be supported.

Thera will support you in the way that you want. This may be in your own home, in the community, at work or for short breaks.

checkWhen you receive support from Thera, you will be able to check the support you get. This is to make sure that you get the support you want and need.

Our experience

experienceThera has a lot of experience supporting people with different needs.

Here is a list that can give you an idea of our experience. We support people who have:

  • Differing complexities of learning disability
  • Additional sensory disability and additional physical disability
  • Support needs to manage their own behaviour
  • Autism
  • Additional mental health needs
  • Complex social support needs to maintain their health e.g. epilepsy and other specific health needs

Find out where we support people