Become a Gig Buddy

Being a Gig Buddy means working one on one with a person who has a learning disability. They will be known as your 'buddy'. You will be paired with this person based on any interests you share.

Being a Gig Buddy involves attending an event with a person who has a learning disability, meeting up with them as often as your gig requires.

You will also help them to choose the event and help with practical/transport arrangements.

You will be part of a growing community of ‘Sound People’ here in Midlothian, who encourage people with a learning disability to have the social life they choose.


Gig Buddy volunteer requirements

At Gig Buddies, we don’t require our volunteers to have any previous experience in a supporting role. However, if you are thinking of apply to volunteer with us, we do ask that you are:

  1. Able to help a person with a learning disability to make decisions about what kind of events they’d like to go to.
  2. Able to commit to a day of training, and then to meet up with your buddy twice a month.
  3. You need to be friendly and kind, with a good sense of humour.
  4. Willing to get to know somebody well and have a good Gig Buddying relationship with them, based on mutual respect and shared interests.
  5. Committed to Thera (Scotland)’s vision to ensure that people with a learning disability are enabled to live active social lives and make their own choices about how they live.
  6. Proactive and reliable – part of the role is to arrange gigs to go to with your buddy.
  7. Because Gig Buddies is all about getting to know someone, we ask that you will be around for at least a year.


Apply to become a Gig Buddy