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Thera is a group of companies that support adults with a learning disability in their own home, at work, in their local community and for short breaks.

Thera Group

groupThera began supporting people with a learning disability in 1998. To keep our vision at the heart of what we do, we developed the group structure in 2003.  

charityThe group is made up of 8 regional care and support companies, 4 specialist companies, 2 companies which have chosen to join the group and the charity that leads the group. They are all individual, independent companies.

Thera Group of companies

Personalised support

supportOur support companies are based in the local area so that they can support you in the way you want and need.

We can support you at home, in the community, at work and for short breaks. Find out more about our support

Specialist support for people with a learning disability


DoshDosh supports people with a learning disability to have more control over their money. They can support people almost anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales.

Do you need support with your money? Find out how Dosh can help.

The Quality Company

quality checkingThe Quality Company specialises in checking the quality of people’s support. They employ people with a learning disability as Quality Assessors. Quality Assessors talk to you about your support and make sure you are safe and supported well.

Find out more about The Quality Company.


UemployIf you want to have more control over your support, Uemploy can support you to recruit and employ your own personal assistant. Find out more about Uemploy.

Forward Housing

housingForward Housing became part of the Thera Group of companies in 2010. Find out more about the history of Forward Housing.

Can we support you? Find out where we work