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Thera Trust is a charity (no.1090163) that leads the Thera Group of companies. We support adults with a learning disability to live the life they choose.

Thera Trust

CharityThera Trust is a registered charity that leads a number of subsidiary companies based around the UK. The subsidiaries are known as Thera Group and together they support adults with a learning disability to live the lives they choose.

Thera Group has a vision: that people with a learning Visiondisability can be leaders in society and should be in control of their own lives. We believe that people should be able to design the kind of support they want - to match their individual needs. People who are already supported by Thera have the opportunity to become company members, which allows them to have a greater involvement in the running of their Thera company.

ExperienceWe have a lot of experience in supporting adults with complex care and support needs as well as supporting individuals who are looking for more independence. We currently support over 1000 people in England and Scotland. Thera companies are split into regional subsidiaries, so that support remains locally managed and person-centred.

Equal rightsWe employ people with a learning disability at all levels across the organisations. Thera is directly controlled by people with a learning disability as 40% of our directors have a learning disability.

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