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Thera is a group of companies that support adults with a learning disability. Thera supports people with a learning disability in their own home, at work, in their local community, and for short breaks.

Why are we called Thera?

The history of Thera

supportIt is important that people with a learning disability are not labelled because of their disability nor by the organisation that supports them.

GreeceThera is an island in Greece. Its official Greek name is Thira. It is located in the Southern Aegean Sea, north of Crete and is now known as Santorini.

impactAncient Thira had a huge impact in its day as a major manufacturer and primary naval base to tackle pirates in the northern sea.

volcano eruptionIn around 1500 BC, the volcanic island erupted. It is thought to be the second largest volcanic eruption in history. The outline of the volcano can be clearly seen today.

ancientRecent excavations on the site of Akrotiri uncovered the preserved remains of an ancient town. Many of the buildings in Akrotiri contained beautiful wall paintings, depicting life on Thira before the eruption.

Thera's dolphin logo

dolphinOne of the wall paintings is a seascape which includes pictures of dolphins. This is where Thera’s logo comes from. It is known as the “Miniature Frieze, Admirals Flotilla fresco” and is located in the West House in Akrotiri.

labelWhen our company was developed, it was a real challenge to find a name that would not become dated or become a label for the people supported by us. There were a number of organisations who changed their name for that reason about this time.

lifeThera is a name which doesn’t label what we do, but like ancient Thira before the volcanic eruption, we aim to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Read more about our vision.

Flotilla painting

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