1-to-1 befriending offers a focus person the opportunity to attend clubs, activities or events to make social connections in their community.

We recognise the importance of social connections for a good quality of life. Consequently, we offer 1-to-1 befriending for people with a learning disability and autism. This involves matching the focus person with an adult volunteer befriender.

The befriender will then accompany the focus person to activities, clubs, and events in their local community, where they can make social connections. The idea is not that the befriender becomes the focus person’s friend (as volunteers’ circumstances can change and they may need to halt befriending), but that the befriender facilitates the focus person being able to make friends of their own. This will create long-lasting and meaningful friendships for the focus person.

For every focus person, the befriending process will be different. Some focus people may wish to build up a relationship through text or email first before meeting in person, whilst others may already have a club in mind that they wish to attend with their befriender.

Equal Futures individualises every befriending process, so that the focus person is always comfortable and happy.

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