Meet Our Staff

Meet the senior staff team at The Camden Society (London).

Ben Lanes

Interim Managing Director

Ben has worked with people with a learning disability for over 25 years. He is passionate about delivering great support, and he is very proud to have led teams that have been rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission in his previous role.

Muhammad Maudarbucus

Community Support Leader

Muhammad is a Community Support Leader within TCSL and loves fulfilling the achievements and dreams of the people we support. He has worked in social care for 14 years, covering Palliative care, Dementia care and supporting those with a learning disability. Now he ensures the achievements and dreams of the people we support!

Kiran Kaur

Service Quality Director

Kiran's job is to make sure that people get the best and most empowering support from The Camden Society (London). Kiran uses her experience of having a learning disability to do this. Kiran is here to give people a voice and encourage people to be active members of The Camden Society (London).

Julie Small

Executive Assistant

Julie has worked with The Camden Society (London) since January 2021, working as Kiran’s Executive Assistant since September 2021. Julie has worked in many different areas previously, including easyJet airline, specialist schools and academies trusts, and as a HR Manager for a care company in Essex. Julie has have always believed that it is important to put people first and to encourage and empower people to be the best they can be.

Sharon Lewis

Operational Manager

Sharon brings over 30 years of experience in the homeless voluntary and health and social care sector. Sharon has worked with Centrepoint and Look Ahead as a Head of Service and was an Area Business Manager with Sanctuary Supported Living.

Sharon has a keen interest in Astrology, African and religious history and has done a stint as a radio DJ, party DJ and is also a member of a reggae sound system.

Sharon lives in East London and has a son and a grand daughter.