Day support

Thera East Anglia provides day support for adults with a learning disability who live in Peterborough or Whittlesey.

We use a skills-based approach. This means we can help you feel more confident about doing things for yourself. This might include using public transport or looking for a job.

We can also help you make the most of what your local area has to offer, such as sports, shopping or community groups.

The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place in Peterborough is a hub of activity, with lots to do and get involved in.

There is an allotment which you can get involved with. You can help look after the plot, meet new people and learn how to grow your own vegetables.

There are some groups you can take part in, such as sewing and crafts. People make items to sell in 82 Crafts and Creations, a shop owned by Thera East Anglia in Whittlesey.

We have also launched a new IT suite, which includes three computers with internet access and a wireless printer. We hope this will become a fantastic resource! Especially in supporting people to find various work experience and volunteering opportunities.


Club 82

Club 82 is located in Whittlesey town centre. Around the corner is 82 Crafts and Creations, a small shop which is full of hand-crafted items.

We can support you to do whatever you would like to do. Some of the people we support take part in a ‘knit and natter’ group each week. Members of the community join us to make a variety of crafts and have a catch up over a cup of tea. It’s a brilliant way to make new friends and do something you enjoy.

Club 82 also helps people to prepare for employment. Staff have supported people with a learning disability to volunteer at the shop. Some of the things people have been doing include serving customers and stock-taking. Developing these skills will enable people to reach their ambition of paid employment.

If you would like to find out how we can help you, please give us a ring on 0300 303 1281 or get in touch with us online