What we do

Our vision is for people with a learning disability to know they can Stay Up Late and choose how they live their lives.

We aim to create a community of people who share the same interests, regardless of their disabilities and differences.

  • We match people who share similar interests so they can get out to live events which they both have a passion for.
  • We organise ‘socials’ every 2 months. ‘Socials’ are free events that anyone can come along to, whether they have been paired with a Gig Buddy or not. These are usually part of existing events that are open to the public, encouraging social inclusion.
  • Member events are held a few times a year and enable people to have a say in how Gig Buddies (Scotland) is run and what events they want to see next.
  • We have been really fortunate to organise special events too, such as pairing up with Independent Venue Week and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Check out what it takes to Become a Gig Buddy.