Adele, Quality Supporter in the Quality Company, shares her experience of returning to work and their new virtual quality checks.

We were provided with laptops/tablets and smartphones and had training sessions to learn how to use and navigate around different applications like Citrix. We were provided with a company email and Quality Checking forms to enable us to carry out Quality Checks via Zoom. I was very nervous at first as I have never Zoomed before, but found it very interesting how many others who we spoke with felt the same.

After a few Zoom calls I felt more comfortable and relaxed and found others did too, I found engaging with people via Zoom easier than I thought.

The Quality Check forms I now fill in have altered; in the past we would do 1 Quality Check with each person, we now do 5 so it is less tiring for people.

The questions are very easy to follow and allows us to have more detailed in-depth answers concerning the person’s support.

I feel the themes on the form are relevant to the people`s support provided and give a good insight to the quality of support people are receiving.

We have had hiccups along the way and forms have been adjusted a few times to make them more relevant to Quality Checking via Zoom calling.

At the end of each Quality Check we have a section where we can add comments or concerns to raise with line managers which allows us to have more control and input into the final report.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of introducing the pilot scheme and feel many of the people we have been calling have enjoyed seeing our smiling faces during lockdown and are always eager to participate in the next check.

I have never been as capable to whiz around technology as I am now. I can now do more than I thought.

I am very proud to have taken part in being able to make our new way of Quality Checking work and I look forward to meeting many new people in the future.

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