Read how Fiona used her job coaching experience to help Kelly set up her jewellery business on Dolphins' Den.

“I am Fiona Kerr, director of my own consultancy business Head for Success and a member of Peterborough Pro Help, a group for professionals who are dedicated to supporting their local community by giving free advice and support.

I have previously been a job coach, which has given me experience that I often draw on when coaching and mentoring people. I was very keen to become a Dolphins’ Den mentor when Peterborough Pro Help was asked for volunteers.

I am delighted to have had the opportunity of working with Kelly and getting to know her over the last few months. She has been developing her thoughts, ideas and plans for setting up a jewellery business.

I think Dolphins’ Den is a terrific scheme. I know I learned a lot from the coaching, support and advice of other people when I set up my business in recent years. I could never have achieved what I have without the support and advice from other people who have experienced the same thing.

We have developed Kelly’s business plan through discussions at regular meetings. Kelly has had good ideas and a sound approach to shaping up her plans. We have used the Dolphins’ Den business plan which is very user friendly and Kelly and I have been able to use it each time we have met.

Kelly now has her own business card and a clear vision for her business; she is ready to pick her project up and run with it.”

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