Gary, Pat, Stevie and Pete’s friendship matching

Before the idea of moving in together came along, Pete had not met Pat and Stevie before. He used to live in the same unit for people with complex needs with Gary when they were much younger, but they had not seen each other for nearly 30 years.

To introduce Pete to the existing friendship circle of Gary, Pat and Stevie and determine their compatibility to live together, we went through a careful matching process that included initial desktop matching and a series of meetings in various locations between each gentlemen for a number of months. Pete also visited Pat, Gary and Stevie in their home for lunch a couple of times, both before and after their move to their new home. Although initially, the four gentlemen were going to move to their new home at the same time, we decided that it was actually better for Pete to move in a month later to allow the other three gentlemen to settle in first and to be able to welcome Pete appropriately.

Since moving in with Pat, Stevie and Gary, Pete has really made himself at home. Pat, who is the man of the house, he has taken to Pete very quickly.

Pete and Pat are very similar in character and are confident and comfortable around each other. They both love the same type of music and often hum along to the same tunes together. The Beatles are a favourite of the whole house!

Perhaps the most wonderful surprise in the new house is the friendship that is forming between Stevie and Pete! Stevie normally does not spend time with the others.  However, for the first time since we have known him, Stevie is starting to develop a special relationship with Pete.

Pete often sits with Stevie, puts his head on the table in front of him, and Stevie will gently put his hand on the back of Pete’s head. Pete regularly works on making Stevie laugh intentionally, to which Stevie exclaims “Lovely!”.

Pete can be quite mischievous and has a wonderful sense of humour. This is also very much appreciated by Pat, who often sits, watches and grins at him and Stevie from afar. This is wonderful feedback for Pete who used to live with a much older gentleman previously and whom, although they lived together for a long time and got along well, was not able to respond to his jokes as openly.

The four gentlemen also now choose to spend most evenings in the lounge together enjoying each other’s company, listening to music or watching TV. Although the last one to go to bed in the evening is always Pat, since moving into his new home, Pete, who used to go to bed very early, is starting to stay up later to spend time with the others. After only a couple of months of living together, Pete has slotted right in and has become part of the gang! They all look out for each other.