Katy struggled with anxiety during COVID-19, find out how her support staff encouraged her to start a new hobby with arts and crafts.

Katy lives in Exeter and has always enjoyed doing arts and crafts. It helps her stay calm during stressful periods and enables her to share her passion for creativity with others.

Over the troubling last few years, Katy has found a way to manage overwhelming emotions and, with the support of her Thera staff, Katy carried on sharing her art with close friends and family.

Arts and crafts has helped me with my anxiety and worries I have had in lockdown. It helped me so much I love doing it, and its my hobby. It makes me feel relaxed and when I had to isolate I would do art and crafts via facetime on my iPad with my housemates and staff.

Katy enjoys using arts and crafts to explore new things and compliment other things she enjoys, like her love of nature.

I enjoyed doing art in the garden surrounded by nature. It helps me with my joy, I enjoy trying new crafts with my support staff and sharing pictures of what I have created.

It’s important that people like Katy not only have access to their hobbies but are encouraged to pursue them in a way they want to. Thera support people with a learning disability to have a voice about what they want to do and how they want to do it. With this voice, we empower people to enjoy family, careers, hobbies, and home – just like everyone else.

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