Lee has not been able to look after animals at his local farm due to COVID-19. Find out how his staff supported him to get his own animals!

Lee moved into supported living in September 2018 from his family home and soon settled in and made friends with the other gentlemen who share his home.

Lee has a very close bond with his mum, sister, and family, and he visits these family members each week. Before COVID-19, Lee attended Oaktree farm twice a week to help around the farm and care for the animals.

Since lockdown began, Lee has been unable to attend Oaktree Farm and was upset he has not been able to help care for the animals at the farm.

Lee’s staff team suggested to Lee about having his own animal and he decided to get two rabbits! Staff supported lee to purchase a hutch, water bottle and other accessories for the rabbits.
Lee started to care for two girl rabbits and called them Salt and Pepper! With his staff’s support, he feeds Salt and Pepper daily, puts them into their run and will clean the hutch out. He even brings them into the house with his housemates to enjoy them running around.
Salt and Pepper have helped Lee adjust to life in lockdown and he loves phoning his family to tell them what the rabbits have been doing.

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