Find out how Lucy used her own art style to take her college work to the next level.

Before Lucy started her journey with Thera, she spent her time being creative at college. When the pandemic hit, Lucy was waiting to move into her first ever supported living home with Thera. Her college sent some artwork for her to complete however she wanted to do something more creative.

Lucy has always known what her favourite styles of art are and wanted to use the time she had at home with her family to express herself using these different styles of art.

With her mums support, she ordered her own set of arts and crafts with some of the crafts including lots of Lego, Christmas crafts including sequin snowmen and bright baubles. She even started to do Christmas inspired sewing and cross stitch.

Finally, after Christmas it was time for Lucy to move into her new home and that did not stop her from expressing herself creatively with her new housemates. Lucy knew what she loved to do and arts and crafts was one of those things.

Whilst in her new home, Lucy has continued her passion for art through easter crafting, painting, and creating. This passion for art is exciting and thrilling for Lucy and is a perfect way to escape and express herself freely.

Many people like Lucy use art as a way to express themselves either as a passion, hobby or even as a career. Why not express yourself creatively and join in Thera’s Art Exchange?