Mark has not been able to enjoy his local ice cream van due to COVID-19. Find out how he was supported to make his own ice cream!
Before COVID-19, Mark who we support in Stoke-on-Trent, enjoyed going out into the community with his support team to buy an ice cream. He loved walking to the local park and looking to see if the ice cream van was there.
Since lockdown Mark hasn’t been able to do this often. A few weeks ago, Mark’s support team asked him if he would like to try and make his own ice cream with Mark eagerly replying, ‘Yes Please!’. Mark will often hesitate to engage in activities but the suggestion of making his own ice cream seemed to appeal to him and he responded positively! 
The staff spent time with Mark to decide what flavour ice cream he would like to make. The following morning, Mark woke up and had remembered what staff had been discussing with him, his first words that morning were “Chocolate Ice-Cream”.
Mark was extremely proud of his homemade ice cream and enjoyed eating it afterwards; he couldn’t resist dipping his finger in the mixing bowl and having a taste!
All of the staff who support Mark have expressed how nice it is to see him engage in this activity and how lovely it is to see how proud he is of the finished results.

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