During Mark's time at Thera, he has been supported by his team to develop his skills and has recently progressed to the next step in his career.

My name is Mark and I currently work as a Sales Ledger Assistant for Thera Trust. I have been in this role for just over a year, but I have worked in several positions within Thera Trust since I joined almost 6 years ago.

I came to the organisation for a job interview for an Information Analyst. When I received the call to say I hadn’t got the job I was really disappointed. Luckily my interviewer told me whilst I didn’t yet have the necessary skills for the Analyst job, they believed I would be an excellent fit within the company and would love me to join a temporary role in the recruitment team and begin building on my skills.

I wasn’t really sure about the role of Recruitment Assistant to begin with so joining Thera Trust was always meant to be a stop gap for me to really consider what I wanted to do next. However, as my 6 months in the temporary job came to an end I was really excited to be offered the position on a permanent basis.

After 2 years in recruitment I realised it had moved me away from the data elements I had previously enjoyed. So, when the opportunity came up to apply for Expenses Assistant to cover maternity leave, my manager supported me to make the move.

Within this department I began to develop skills in data entry, Excel spreadsheets and formula that enabled me to take up my current position in the Commercial Team.

My current managers are now helping to guide me through further learning and development which we hope will allow me to begin working some analysis of information. This current role is definitely my favourite, not only is the team great but it allows me to come full circle back to the Data Analyst role!

Thera really believed in me and the person they knew I could become and that is the type of person social care really attracts. I believe people stay here [Thera] a long time because they are really passionate about the values we have.