Sheila has recently been able to redecorate her bedroom and is so pleased with the results!

Sheila shared her story with us recently, telling us that she has had to deal with several difficulties in her life. This included estrangement from most of her family and a lack of support from social services or others.


With the support of a friend, she was eventually able to raise the alarm to the police. After some family got in touch in 2015, they supported her to make some changes in her life. She got a diagnosis of a learning disability in order to access the support she needed. Sheila was then referred to Dosh and they have supported her for several years. Sheila now makes her own decisions about spending, with the support of her family, team and Dosh. She buys the things she wants and has made her home somewhere she can enjoy living in.

Sheila was supported to choose her new bedroom furniture recently and recorded this on our supported decision-making form. This shows how big a change Sheila has gone through where she can now make independent choices.