Find out how Susie-Jo used her passion for arts and crafts to break through a sensory barrier.

Arts and crafts serves many purposes for people with a learning disability from a hobby or interest to a career. For Susie-Jo, not only is arts and crafts a hobby and a way of expressing herself and her imagination, but it also serves as way to connect with the world through touch due to her sensory needs.

During lockdown I did flower paintings, made flower arrangements for the house, I did some scrunching up of tissue paper and made lots of sensory pictures for my room and bedroom door. I also created things with salt dough to paint, as well as finger paintings.

Susie-Jo can sometimes feel nervous about new sensory experiences. With encouragement from her Thera support staff, Susie-Jo was supported to find and feel new things to use in her arts and crafts that also helped support her sensory needs

On my walks during lockdown I was able to go out and pick flowers for my crafts. This was quite a big thing for me because I have a fear of touching things that I haven’t felt before.

People supported by Thera are in control of their own lives. Each individual, like Susie-Jo, has control over their dreams and aspirations and how they would like to achieve them. Our Thera staff are dedicated to support people with a learning disability to overcome fears and try new things, even if it does mean getting a bit sticky with the glue when creating something new!

By supporting Thera, you are supporting people with a learning disability to enjoy hobbies such as arts and crafts and take control of their lives – just like everyone else.

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