Tyler, Senior Quality Assessor in the Quality Company, shares his experience of returning to work and The Quality Company's new online quality checks.

I already knew how to use video calling but I did not know how to use Zoom, so I have had some training on how to use my technology provided and found it very easy to use and log into meetings.

I find it easy to follow the questions, some of them repeat at each check-in but this is necessary to get more information concerning the person. I have felt comfortable engaging with people via Zoom.

The themes on the different forms relate to people’s support very well and I like to keep in contact with people and find this an easy way to achieve this, it is nice to know among this pandemic, we can all still keep in contact and get to see people 5 times instead of 1.

We go through all the questions after each check and ensure we have covered everything. We add any information we feel is relevant at the end of the form in the Assessor’s comments, so if we feel there are any issues with the support received we can add our comments here to raise with line managers and managers if needed.

I have found it has been nice to have more work and talk to people and colleagues other than family during this pandemic. This has not affected my home life at all, and I really enjoy Quality Checking this way.

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