About Thera Trust

Thera is a charitable group of companies which support people with a learning disability with a diverse range of needs.

Thera Trust is the parent of Thera Group and provides business and admin support from its office in Grantham. This enables the companies to focus on delivering high quality support locally.

Thera was first set up in 1998. We have grown from supporting 5 people in Cambridgeshire to providing a range of support across the UK for around 3000 people with a learning disability.

Many of the people that Thera supports have complex needs or have lived in institutional settings for a long time.

Regardless of how complex a person’s needs may be, we support everyone in a person-centred way so that they can live an ordinary life.

As well as supporting people in their own home and in the community, we offer a range of specialist support. This includes helping people to manage their own finances, finding the right place to live, and quality checks.

Thera’s vision is that people with a learning disability can be leaders in society.

To demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling this vision, 8 of our paid directors have lived experience of learning disability. As part of their role, they ensure that Thera remains focused on providing high quality support which meets people’s needs.


Our story

Thera Trust started in 1998, supporting 5 people with a learning disability in Cambridgeshire. We wanted to show that people with a learning disability could be in control of their support.

In 2003, Thera Trust was beginning to feel too big so the idea of a group of companies was born. These would be local companies small enough to keep Thera’s vision at their heart, enabling people to lead and manage their own support.

The Thera Group of companies continues to support people with a learning disability in new ways, making sure people always have choice and control over their own support.


History of our name

When we were first starting, we thought very hard about what to call our organisation. We didn’t want our new organisation to have a name that was about disability but was about having better lives.

We were inspired by an old story about the island of Thera where the people lived wonderful lives. After the island of Thera was badly affected by an erupting volcano, the people worked hard to rebuild their lives. This inspired us to always try to help people with a learning disability to build great lives for themselves. The dolphin in our logo is based on a painting that was found on the island.


Everything we do is led by our Vision.