Accessible resources

We have gathered a list of accessible and Easy Read resources about coronavirus.

What is coronavirus?

Inclusion North: Introduction to coronavirus

Public Health England: What is Coronavirus?


Staying at home

Photosymbols: Coronavirus rules (May-June 2020)



[button url=""]Stay at home: what to do if you or someone you share your home with has coronavirus symptoms



Public Health England: Protecting people most likely to get very poorly from coronavirus (shielding)

Social distancing

Photosymbols: Coronavirus and health issues


Coping with stress and anxiety

Photosymbols: How to keep safe

Public Health England: Looking after your feelings and your body



NHS Alcohol hand rub guidance

NHS Handwashing: the power is in your hands

Dimensions: New police powers and coronavirus law


What to do if you get ill

Photosymbols: What if you get ill?


Last updated: 25 June 2020, 3.33pm