Workplace meetings and events

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This advice was current at the time this page was last updated on: 18 June 2021, 12.15pm

Will meetings and events be going ahead?

Overall the advice is that you should work from home where you can, and only attend physical meetings where absolutely necessary (if allowed in your area).

If meeting in a venue, they will have their own COVID secure guidelines so be sure to follow these guidelines. Please be aware that it is mandatory to wear face coverings in public areas of hotels and other venues.

This is the Government’s advice taken from Offices and contact centres – Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance – GOV.UK (

  1. Use remote working tools to avoid in-person meetings.
  2. Ensure participants physically attend meetings only where reasonably necessary. They should maintain social distancing guidelines. These are 2m, or 1m+ with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable
  3. Avoid transmission during meetings caused by sharing objects. For example, pens and documents.
  4. Provide hand sanitiser in meeting rooms.
  5. Hold meetings outdoors whenever possible. Otherwise use rooms where there is good ventilation. This could be:– fresh air through open doors, windows and vents
    –mechanical ventilation, such as air conditioningYou can also provide good ventilation through a combination of the two.
  6. Air rooms between meetings. Open all the doors and windows as fully as possible, to maximise the ventilation in the room.
  7. Use floor signage to help people maintain social distancing in areas where you hold regular meetings.