Things to do

Ideas for activities you can do at home, competitions and much more!

What to do when you are at home

  • Take part in Thera’s Daily Challenges on social media!
  • Paradigm have supported people to video connect with others as part of The Gr8 chat and brew
  • About with Friends live stream almost daily videos with fitness, cooking and a range of other activities and chat.
  • NANSA are producing stay at home activities and quizzes.
  • Jigsaw have made a special part of their website with activities, puzzles, word searches and other fun things to do
  • Home Farm Trust have designed an Easter egg hunt for people to enjoy at home. They also have some other ideas for Easter fun.
  • Find a pen pal! Are you missing a friend right now because you can’t meet up with them due to self-isolating? Why not write them a post card or a letter or maybe sending them a picture in the post.


A great idea for family and friends of our wonderful staff

Thera’s Development Team have heard about a lovely idea. The daughter of a woman who works to support people decided to make a picture. On the picture she wrote that she was proud of her mum because she works in social care. Each week on Thursdays at 8:00pm in the evening, people all across the country clap for carers.

Now lots of people are making pictures and sending messages on social media. They are saying they are proud of the person in their family who works on social care. The messages are all linked by using the hashtag #socialcareheroes

Please tell your staff to see if anyone in their family wants to send a message about them. Maybe you will see a message about staff you know.

Want to get creative at home?

If you enjoy drawing, painting or other arts and crafts this can be a great way to enjoy yourself when you can’t go out as much as usual.

We understand that the more people that are being creative the more people will run out things like paper, pens and paints. If you are someone we support and would like to request a craft pack please email

Do you enjoy singing?

A music café for older people in Nottingham has started putting their weekly sing-a-long on the Internet every Monday.

Give one of their videos a try, you might know a song from famous films. The words are shown at the bottom of the screen for you to sing-a-long. If you type “Heron Music Café” into the search box in YouTube you can see the other videos.

Become a part of a National Rock Choir

Do you love to sing? Every day at 3pm The Rock Choir put a live link on their Facebook page for people to join in.

Do you want to become a part of History?

Do you have any younger family members or know people aged between 11 – 16 years old? They can become a part of History and write their thoughts and feelings about lockdown on paper for children in the future to read.

Rainbows on rocks

If you have rocks in your garden see if you can paint rainbows on them. This links with the rainbow theme that the nation are following to brighten up everyone’s days and to say thank you to all the wonderful people.

If you have a garden and want to get involved please send us a picture of your paintings by uploading them on our website.

Walking bingo

While you are out getting some exercise and some fresh air, which is so important at this time for our mental and physical health, why not complete the walking bingo cards.

Get searching for all the objects on your cards and see who sees them all first. Happy hunting!