Corporate sponsorship

There are lots of different ways you can support us. We can help you to fulfil your corporate social responsibility agenda.

Benefits of corporate fundraising

  • Engage with the local community: show your customers exactly what sort of organisation you are.
  • Team building: corporate fundraising training events are beneficial as they encourage collaborative working. Staff tend to throw themselves into it as they see it as not just another training event, but something that raises money for a great cause.
  • Boost staff morale: fundraising gets everyone together to raise money. It can be a lot of fun and encourages different departments or offices to talk to one another.
  • Generate positive PR for you and your brand: raise awareness in local and national media.
  • Fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda: increasing customer satisfaction and making you an organisation people want to work for.

How we will support you

  • Create a bespoke fundraising plan: no two charity partnerships are the same. We will help you develop a plan so you meet your objectives as well as reach your fundraising target. We will be there to advise you and provide help when needed.
  • Design fundraising materials: no need to reinvent the wheel; we have a whole host of branded fundraising materials you can use and customise including, posters, sponsorship forms and quizzes.
  • Communicate your achievements: we have lots of communication channels that we can use to share your success.
  • Keep updated: we will keep you informed of the money you have raised as well as supply you with certificates and thank you templates for those that have helped you towards your target.
To find out more please contact Andrea Moulding, Corporate Funding and Resourcing Manager: call 07734 975705 or email