Doing your own fundraising

Thank you for thinking about raising money for Thera Trust.

Raising money for a charity you are passionate about can be an incredibly rewarding experience and make a huge difference to the work of that charity.

Naturally, if you choose to fundraise for Thera Trust we will support and advise you and will be genuinely grateful of your support!

There are many ways you can fundraise for us and below are a few examples. Fundraising is most effective when the people involved, including those who support them in raising funds by donating or helping with their challenge, are passionate about what they are doing.

You could:

  • Choose to take on something that you see as a personal challenge. It could be something physical or mental, a test of endurance or skill, or facing a fear, there are so many options!
  • Host something foodie based – a bake sale, supper club,
  • Organise a party/social event – it could centre on entertainment such as music or dancing or be based on something you already enjoy doing such as a quiz night or sporting event

Our fundraising team have seen all kinds of ideas before, from wine tasting and 5 course dinners to fashion shows, football matches to skydives. If you have an idea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our fundraising team and they will help you to make your idea a success!

Email us at or call 0300 303 1280 to find out more.