Thera Art Exchange

Join Thera Art Exchange to share your passion for art

Calling all artists! Do you have an itch to do something creative? Want to share your masterpieces with someone new?

Become a part of Thera Art Exchange and connect with someone across the UK through a passion for creativity! Create something amazing on A5 paper and post it to us, we’ll swap it with someone else’s artwork and post it back to you.

Send your artwork to this address by Friday 15 October to take part:

Thera Art Exchange

The West House

Alpha Court

Swingbridge Road


NG31 7XT

Creativity is a powerful thing, from soothing overloaded sensory input, to using it as communication. Arts and crafts can be a passion, a hobby, or a career for many people, and for people with a learning disability it can be an essential part of their support. By supporting Thera, you are empowering people with a learning disability to be creative with their ambitions and live the life they choose.

Katy struggled with anxiety during COVID-19, find out how her support staff encouraged her to start a new hobby with arts and crafts

Susie used her passion for arts and crafts to break through a sensory barrier

Lucy used her own art style to take her college work to the next level

By taking part in Thera Art Exchange you understand any participating artwork submitted to Thera via post or any other means belongs to Thera and can be stored for up to three years and used in any marketing and promotional materials that Thera Trust deems appropriate. This may be in digital or paper format. Thera Trust may or maybe not contact you to advise that your artwork is being used, this is for your notification only.