Making a future plan

Many of the families that we work with tell us that their main concern is what will happen to their son or daughter in the future when they die or when they can no longer care.

Families often find that the future does not turn out quite the way they would have hoped for. Many find themselves in situations that rapidly deteriorate.  They then feel they have little control or influence over what is happening to them or their relative.

For these family carers and their loved ones it is especially important to make a personal futures plan (or succession plan as it is sometime called).

If you find yourself in these circumstances we can help you put together the kind of plan you will need. We will help you to make sure that your relative with a learning disability is at the centre of the future plan.

Preparing the plan is a good way of getting family and friends involved in your relative’s support. It will give you confidence that your relative will live a good life and will be well looked after the way when you are no longer here.