Employment resources

The Employment Group in Thera East have put together a series of guides to help you find employment.

Getting a job

Booklet 1 is a guide to getting a job. It will give you an introduction to finding a job and how to get started.

The booklet contains a step-by-step path to finding a job, giving you information about the different ways you can get a job.

Some of the things it can help you with include what to expect at a job interview or how to write a CV (Curriculum Vitae).

How to write a CV and cover letter

Booklet 2 will tell you how to write a CV and a cover letter, it will also tell you about how to prepare for an interview.

Where to get help with looking for a job

Booklet 3 is about where you can get help with looking for a job and get started with your research. Research means looking for and finding information.

There is also a section about where you can get help with self-employment if you are interested in setting up your own business.

How to prepare for having a job

Booklet 4 will tell you how to prepare for having a job. This includes the paperwork that you will need to sign as well as helping you to understand your probation period.

You can also read some handy tips on how to be a good employee and to make sure that you keep your job.

For further information about the employment resources or for questions about getting a job, please contact us.