Managing your personal budget

If you receive money from your local authority to buy the support you need, this is called self-directed support.

You might receive self-directed support money as:

  • An individual or personal budget.
  • A direct payment.
  • An individual service fund (ISF).
  • A personal health budget.

You can use this money to buy support from Thera and pay for other support you need, such as a personal assistant, college course or other activity which meets your needs.

Dosh is an independent company in the Thera Group. Dosh can help you and your family to manage this money.

Some of the things Dosh can help with include:

  • Setting up a bank account to receive payment from your budget.
  • Writing a budget plan for how you will spend your personal budget.
  • Making sure that the care and support you receive is paid for from the money in your account.
  • Letting you know how your budget is spent and sending a report to the local authority.
Visit Dosh’s website to find out how they can help you manage care and support funding.