Linda’s trip to Thera

Posted 07/11/2018

Linda, who we support in Norfolk, has enjoyed a dream holiday to the place where Thera Trust got its name.

Linda, who we support in Norfolk, has enjoyed a trip to the island where Thera Trust got its name, as part of a cruise around Greece.

Linda visited Santorini, which is known locally as Thira (the English pronunciation of which is Thera) during an Aegean Shores Cruise.

She was accompanied on the cruise by Thera East Anglia (TEA) Community Support Leader Michele Rayment and Team Coordinator Susan Hensby.

The holiday didn’t get off to the best start, as the group was delayed at Norwich Airport for six hours however, the ship, which was due to depart from Corfu at 11pm, waited for them to arrive and they finally set off at 2.30am!

As well as visiting Thira, the trip also included stop offs at Heraklion in Crete and Mykonos, Piraeus and Katakolo in Greece.

Linda enjoyed every minute of the cruise, watching shows, playing roulette and going to the late night disco most nights. She also made lots of friends along the way including Rebecca Cuthbert, who she met at Norwich Airport prior to the start of the trip.

Rebecca said, “Linda made us laugh every day with her personality which shone through and Susie and Michele are a huge credit to Thera.

“They are amazing people and made Linda’s holiday so special. I can’t wait to meet up with them all again soon and am proud to call them all my friends.”

Michele, Community Support Leader for TEA, said: “Linda had an amazing time on holiday. She probably talked to half the people on the ship including the captain and danced the night away, every night, not going to bed until at least 2am!

“When we visited Santorini on the second day of our trip, we all wore Thera Trust t-shirts. We took the cable car up and once at the top, wandered round the cobbled streets doing some shopping and stopping for a coffee. We all thought it was a lovely place.

“Since we have been back, we have stayed in contact with the people we met on the cruise and have met up with Rebecca on a day trip to Norwich.”