Meet your Mental Health First Aider: Kelly

Kelly is motivated by supporting people to achieve positive outcomes. Read more about why she chose to become a Mental Health First Aider at Thera.

Kelly Blake, Payroll Manager

Over the many years of my career I’ve been exposed to mental health issues both personally and professionally. It’s amazing how many lives are touched by mental health issues, which can portray itself in a wide variety of ways. We all strive to keep work at work and home life at home but naturally they overlap and can both have an impact on the other, our health and mental wellbeing.

I’ve been the person who has politely said “I’m fine” when inside my head is screaming “you’re not”, have been the manager/ staff member that comes across calm, cool and collected – that’s what you need to do to succeed right? (I now know it’s not of course!)

Throughout my career and life experiences I’ve learnt (sometimes the hard way) our job, home life, health (mental and physical) and happiness are fundamental in living “our best life” and there are plenty of “bad days/ challenges/ frustrations/ hurdles” to overcome as part of “surviving” each day.

So when I was given the opportunity to become a mental health first aider I jumped at the chance, not only to benefit myself, my current and future team members and colleagues but to gain a greater understanding of mental health in general

The training we received to become mental health first aiders was fantastic. It opened my eyes to many other mental health illnesses that I was not aware of and has given us the tools and resources to help people in need. I talk to people about their pay and benefits every day, which is a career I love but this can be stressful enough for an individual in itself when things go wrong!

Being able to provide people with a positive outcome and any tools/ support they need is what motivates me, being a mental health first aider is just another extension of that. Being able to suggest routes and resources to assist when helping someone in need, trying not to find the solution but to direct people to the right support and help them to “just keep swimming” and survive life’s challenges to me is a great help to everyone.


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