This is Me

This is Me is an important document for you to let people know more about you.

What is “This is me?”

“This is me” tells people who you are and lets them know more about you. It is sorted into 8 sections that you will fill in. These sections are:

My Name Is

This is where you will put your name

My Job Is

This is where you will put your job role within The Quality Company. This could be Quality Assessor, Quality Supporter or something else.

I Am Good At

These are things that you are good it. It could be work related or something in your home life that you are proud of!

Things You Should Know About Me

In this section you can tell more about things people may need to know about. It could be about a name that you prefer to be called, your favourite colour, or something else.

Things That Are Important To Me

You should include things that really matter to you in this section. It could be anything, as long as it matters to you.

I Like

This should be anything you enjoy, whether it’s pets, swimming, or train journeys.

I Don’t Like

In this section, put things you don’t like. A few examples could be the rain, seafood, or spiders.

This is Me

Lastly, be sure to put a picture of yourself in the box in the middle!

How can I use my “This is Me”

You can use the “This is Me” template to let people know a bit more about you. By filling it in, you are giving people an idea of who you are and what you like. It means that people can get to know you quickly when you are inspecting a house, or when you meet someone new.

This is Me Template (165kB)