During the Dolphin's Den workshops, we worked with Kaye to develop her idea. We found that she loves helping people and has great presentation skills, perfect for a meet and greet business! To help her idea move forward, we matched Kaye with a mentor Jo, who specialises in event marketing.

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Chris hasn't looked back since joining Thera almost 10 years ago. Read his inspiring story about how changing his career has changed his life.

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Donna loves shredding paper which she used to do occasionally at The Meeting Place, in Peterborough. She wanted to do something useful with the shredded paper and, using the Better Lives workbook, she decided to take it to a local farm to use as animal bedding.

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Andrew and Tim have lived in a village in Norfolk all of their lives and grew up together. They are best friends and decided that it was time they left home and started leading their own lives.

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Andrew has been a volunteer at the Oak Tree cafe for about 5 years. He serves customers, prepares food, cleans the tables and does stock taking. He is incredibly confident and makes sure he does his work to a high standard.

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Becky comes from a musical family. At Dolphins' Den, we helped her set up her very own community choir.

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Read how Fiona used her job coaching experience to help Kelly set up her jewellery business on Dolphins' Den.

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