Sheila has recently been able to redecorate her bedroom and is so pleased with the results!

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Kitty, Community Support Leader for Thera East, shares her experiences of working in Thera East.

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Lee has not been able to look after animals at his local farm due to COVID-19. Find out how his staff supported him to get his own animals!

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Tyler, Senior Quality Assessor in the Quality Company, shares his experience of returning to work and The Quality Company's new online quality checks.

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Adele, Quality Supporter in the Quality Company, shares her experience of returning to work and their new virtual quality checks.

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Mark has not been able to enjoy his local ice cream van due to COVID-19. Find out how he was supported to make his own ice cream!

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Thera Connex was launched in 2020 to keep the people we support connected during COVID-19.

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Imogen has worked for Thera East Midlands for 5 and a half years and is now a Team-Coordinator. She wanted to share a diary of her experience during 2020 with Thera East Midlands.

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During Mark's time at Thera, he has been supported by his team to develop his skills and has recently progressed to the next step in his career.

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Although the development of the property took almost an additional 3 months to complete due to COVID-19, read how we supported these four gentleman into their adapted and personalised forever-home.

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Before the idea of moving in together came along, Pete had not met Pat and Stevie before. He used to live in the same unit for people with complex needs with Gary when they were much younger, but they had not seen each other for nearly 30 years.

Read Gary, Pat, Stevie and Pete’s friendship matching's Story

Donna loves shredding paper which she used to do occasionally at The Meeting Place, in Peterborough. She wanted to do something useful with the shredded paper and, using the Better Lives workbook, she decided to take it to a local farm to use as animal bedding.

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Shona, a senior support worker from Falkirk, describes how she and her team reimagined the support they provide in light of the pandemic.

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Through childhood and growing up into early adulthood Amy was often excluded from services due to behavioural challenges. Amy moved in to her own home on 28th November 2016.

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Katy struggled with anxiety during COVID-19, find out how her support staff encouraged her to start a new hobby with arts and crafts.

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Terri, who works in Supported Employment, tells us how she has helped to support those experiencing employment difficulties during COVID-19.

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Find out how Susie-Jo used her passion for arts and crafts to break through a sensory barrier.

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Sam, Project Manager for Gig Buddies, tells us how they have been successfully running their events online!

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Find out how Leah progressed her career in Thera South West.

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Find out how Lucy used her own art style to take her college work to the next level.

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Jack, who is supported by Ansar Projects, came up with a wonderful idea to create a time capsule!

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Sophie has recently started being supported by Thera East Midlands.

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