Restore2 Mini and STOMP Online 1:30pm Session

Thera is hosting an online Restore2mini and STOMP session
07 June 2022
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Online, Zoom
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Join Thera’s super trainers to take part in our Restore2Mini and STOMP sessions.

What is Restore2Mini and STOMP?

Restore 2 Mini is a training session that teaches people to understand the soft signs of illness in people with a learning disability or autism. Soft signs are small changes in behaviour that may only be noticed by people who know the person well. They could include a change in diet, acting differently when doing something they normally love, or having a change in mood.

STOMP (Stop Over Medicating People) is a national campaign to reduce the use of psychotropic drugs on people with a learning disability. Such drugs are used to control the behaviours of people, but they are regularly used instead of less destabalising methods.

What can I get from attending the training?

The training will teach you how to communicate the soft signs of illnesses people with a learning disability to medical professionals. It will built your confidence when advocating for the health needs of your loved one.


We are hosting two sessions on the 7th of June, one at 9:30am, and one at 1:30pm. The sessions will last between two and a half and three hours. If you’re interested in attending a session, please contact us and let us know which time you would like to attend.

To book a place, please contact