25 Ways Thera has made an Impact – Forward Housing

Posted 02/02/2024

Forward Housing supports people with a learning disability to be able to find suitable accommodation that meets their needs. Read about the impact Forward Housing has on the people they support.

Since 1999, Forward Housing  have acquired, redeveloped, and adapted more than 100 properties – providing sustainable homes for around 200 people with a learning disability.

Studies have shown that over 20% of adults with a learning disability live neither in their own home, nor their families. 1

In 2021-2022 Forward Housing developed five properties creating 12 new tenancies for people with a learning disability. Of the people Forward Housing provided homes for in 2021-2022, 69% were living in accommodation that no longer met their needs. 8% of the people for whom Forward Housing has provided high quality adapted homes were previously living in some form of institutional care.2

This further reinforces the work that Forward Housing and Thera do. The aim of Forward Housing is to support people with a learning disability to be able to find suitable accommodation and move into a home that suits their needs. This provides them with their own space to make their own choices, express their independence and have more control over their lives.

An example of what Forward Housing has achieved is through their work with Thera East Midlands where they helped ‘John’ move into his own home. John’s support team worked closely with Forward Housing to find, design, and develop a bespoke home to suit his needs. This has enabled him to have the space he needs to do what he enjoys. He is enjoying having his own space which he is in charge of – and his family and friends visit him regularly there.

Forward Housing are proud to enable people with a learning disability to live the life they choose, in a house that suits them. 

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