25 Ways Thera has made an Impact – Katie and Hayley

Posted 07/07/2024

Thera East Midlands support people with a learning disability to live the life they choose. Read more about how Katie and Hayley's journey and how their support team have worked with them to make life-long changes.

Hayley and Katie live together in a beautiful home supported by Thera East Midlands, where their support workers help them with whatever it is that they need.

Hayley and Katie enjoy busy social lives, regularly taking trips to the local zoo and going for picnics. Katie also enjoys getting her nails done, and her support worker Michelle often accompanies her even when she’s not working, as she has her nails done at the same place.

Recently, Katie was struggling with her weight, which made it harder for her to move around. She was advised that she should start using a wheelchair.

Katie worked with her support team to explore options for her health and improve her mobility. Michelle supported Katie and Hayley to create a meal and exercise plan. Katie and Hayley have learnt to shop for and cook the meals they have planned together.

Successfully, Katie lost 4.5 stone and Hayley lost 2.5 stone. As well as losing weight, this also meant Katie did not need to start using a wheelchair and this has supported them to lead more enjoyable lives.

Katie and Hayley now have a regular walking routine of 15,000 steps and have even raised money for charity by doing a sponsored walk, which was celebrated by the local paper.

Through genuinely person-centred support that has given them choice and control, Katie and Hayley have been able to make the changes they want so they can be healthy and live the life they choose now and in the future. Michelle and their support team have worked hard to support Katie and Hayley to advocate for themselves and make a difference in their lives which will help them now and in the future.

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