25 Ways Thera has made an Impact – Safe and Secure

Posted 07/03/2024

Safe and Secure England is a book that supports families of people with a learning disability to plan for the future. Safe and Secure England was published after the book's success in Scotland in 2011 by Equal Futures.
The concept of Safe and Secure England was to support the families of people with a learning disability in planning for the future. Thanks to advances in care or medicine, many people with a learning disability now live longer lives, and therefore live with parents who are themselves getting older. There are over 70,000 adults in the UK with a learning disability living with their parents.

In 2015, Safe and Secure England was published by Thera Trust. This came following a successful Safe and Secure Scotland launch in 2011 by Equal Futures. The books were based on Safe and Secure: Seven Steps on the Path to a Good Life for People with Disabilities, which was written by Al Etmanski in Canada for the Plan Institute for Caring Citizenship.

They found that very few families had done any future planning to put things in place for their relative when they pass away. This can include finances, housing, or support. There was also a lack of support networks around them – people who could offer support for the person once their parents or primary carers had passed away.

This is understandable, as many people do not know where to start or are afraid or uncomfortable in discussing these situations and would put it off. This is what Safe and Secure aims to address.

The book provides support in setting up wills and distributing your estate, building circles of support so that you can be comfortable knowing your loved one will be cared for, and the legal and emotional process of choosing a guardian who may have decisions over medical or financial matters. It exists to help you become safe and secure in the knowledge that your loved one will continue to be supported once you are gone.

When Safe and Secure England was published in 2015, Thera Trust held several workshops for parents and carers of people with a learning disability. These workshops were ran in partnership with Anthony Collins Solicitors, and Dosh, a specialist financial advocacy charity that operates under the Thera Banner. These sessions were aimed at delivering this information, answering any questions people had, and supporting them going forward.

Safe and Secure now helps people in England, Scotland, and Canada and provides families with support in preparing for the future and ensuring their loved ones will continue to lead lives where they are supported, social, and confident in the care they receive.

Visit here to request a copy of Safe and Secure England or Safe and Secure Scotland