A lovely Christmas Day at Thera East Midlands!

Posted 13/01/2021

Ladies supported in Maythorpe had a wonderful Christmas together at their home.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were unable to be with their families on Christmas day. A group of ladies supported by Thera East Midlands decided to spend their Christmas at their home for the first time because they felt it would be safer. After an unusual year, they decided to make this the best Christmas ever!

Our staff team went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a special day!

Christmas Eve was spent baking cakes and biscuits. Everyone had Christmas eve boxes filled with pyjamas, hot chocolate, fluffy socks, chocolates and much more. The ladies opened these together and all put their new Christmas pyjamas on. Staff arranged with family members to do video calls so everyone could get involved!

The ladies then enjoyed a Chinese take away and a glass of wine and spent the evening watching Christmas films together. At the end of the night, staff supported the ladies to leave one of the biscuits and a letter out for Santa and Rudolf!

For Christmas day, staff assured everyone had plenty of presents to open. The ladies were delighted with their surprises and said it was the best Christmas ever !

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