A-head Club raises £380!

Posted 12/03/2020

The A-head Club, part of Thera East, held their annual Valentine’s party in Bury St Edmunds and raised £380 for new equipment for the club.

Each year, the A-head Club organises events for its members to come together and have fun! The latest Valentine’s party involved a lot of dancing, competitions and a 3 course meal.

The room was full of beautiful handmade decorations made by members of the A-head Club.

DJ Mickey Logan, who has been the Club’s DJ of choice for the last 7 years, had everyone up and dancing! He also had the honour of picking the winners of the competition categories.

The awards were painted by members of the A-head Club. Many thanks to Russell, one of our club members, who made them.

The award categories and winners were:

  • Best Dressed – Ben and Emma.
  • Best Dancer – Lorraine and Stephen.
  • Best Couple – Josh and Jess.
  • Best Support Worker – Jane.

Vince Miller, Community Support Leader at Thera East, said: “The evening was a great success with 100 guests making the party. We raised £380.00 on the night, which will be used to buy equipment for the A-head Club.”

Our upcoming events are the A-head Club’s Got Talent with auditions on  Friday 22nd May and the final held on Friday 29th May. Also the summer ball which is on Friday 7 August, which will include the Ed Sheeran experience.

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