“I want to help save lives, and I think the training does that really well.” – Andrew talks about the positive impact of the Restore2Mini training.

Posted 17/08/2022

Andrew Bright recently sat down with us to talk about why he thinks the Restore2Mini with STOMP sessions are so important, and why he recommends people should take the training.

What is the difference between Restore2 and Restore2Mini?

Restore2 was originally used by staff in the NHS and people who worked in residential care homes. A lot of the videos on Restore2 were relevant to people in those fields. The Restore2Mini is Restore2, but focused on unpaid family carers and support staff. The materials in the content are relevant to those groups.

How did Thera get involved with Restore2Mini?

There was a pilot project that happened back in 2020 during Lockdown. I was approached to work on the pilot project for a year. I oversaw the pilot project which aimed to transform Restore2 into Restore2Mini. That work involved me, it involved fellow Service Quality Directors, it involved people in the learning and development team. That was how Thera got involved.

Why do you think that the Restore2 training is important?

I think it’s really important as it gives people the skills to recognise the soft signs of change in the health of a loved one, a family member, a friend, or someone they support. For me personally it’s important because my wife has a learning disability. For me, it’s really important that I can see the soft signs that she might be showing. When I took part in the Restore2 training it taught me what to look out for. I think it will help other people too with the same.

Did you feel empowered by taking the Restore2Mini training?

It definitely empowered me, and I couldn’t wait to go out and deliver the training to other people. I also did the training as part of the pilot project, and it left me thinking “I really want to deliver this training across the country. I want other people to benefit from the training like I have.” I want to help save lives, and I think the training does that really well.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the Restore2Mini training?

I think it’s really important that people with a lived experience of a learning disability take part in the training. The Service Quality Directors have already taken the training.  I think it’s really important that other people with a learning disability can take part. They may want to become a Super Trainer.

If you’re interested in attending a free Restore2Mini and STOMP session, contact us at Restore2@Thera.co.uk to register your interest