Ashley’s Speak Out day experience!

Posted 22/03/2021

Ashley, who is supported by Thera East Anglia, has completed a presentation as part of VoiceAbility's Speak Out day.

 Ashley from Cambridgeshire, who is supported by Thera East Anglia, recently took part in the Speak Out day online. This was in partnership with VoiceAbility, who empower people with a learning disability to speak out about their experiences.

AshleyAshley’s speak out day began with a presentation to a wider group about the new skills he has been learning whilst in lockdown. His presentation was part of a project called “Reading for Research” with Move on Up in Cambridge. As part of Ashley’s research, he searched some of his favourite soap stars. In doing so, he has learnt to use Wikipedia and Google, so that he can search for information independently.  

He then confidently shared his research with over 30 people! 

It is important to celebrate our positive experiences during this unusual time, s0 thank you for sharing Ashley!

If you have a story you would like to share about learning new skills, let us know! Contact Justin Smith (Operations Manager for Thera East Anglia) by emailing:

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