Beach Hut Raffle Winners!

Posted 01/06/2021

Check out to see if you have won Thera East’s Beach Hut Raffle!

Firstly, we’d like to shout out a massive thank you to everyone who bought a ticket. You’ve made an amazing contribution to the upkeep of Thera Beach Hut. With your support we can make sure there is a safe, disabled access, space for people with a disability to enjoy a relaxing and fun day at the beach with their friends and family.

Let’s see our winners!

1st – Number 22 – One free day at Thera Beach Hut

2nd – Number 26 – GHD hair straighteners

3rd – Number 4 – One session with GB Fitness and Nutrition

4th – Number 18 – Hoodie

5th – Number 5 – Scents and perfume gift bag

6th – Number 20 – Mascara

7th – Number 13 – Toothpaste

8th – Number 27 – £25 kids wear voucher

9th – Number 24 – Scentsy wax gift

10th – Number 31 – Two Mindful Chef Recipe Boxes

If you see your name in the winners list, check your emails for confirmation and expect your prize to be in the post!

If you have any questions about the Beach Hut Raffle, you can email, or call 0300 303 1280 and ask to speak about public fundraising.