Celebrating 25 years of Thera

Posted 06/07/2023

Today, 6 July 2023, marks the 25th anniversary of Thera. To celebrate, the Thera Group executive team have shared a thank you message.

Today is Thera’s 25th Birthday!

You may have been supported by Thera for many years; or perhaps only for a few weeks. Some of you reading this have had a job with Thera since its early years, others have perhaps joined us with excitement in only the last few weeks and months.

However long your own time with Thera, today is a time to celebrate the many, many people who have helped the organisation over the last quarter of a century.

It continues to be an inspiration to hear the many stories of people with a learning disability and what they have achieved in that time. Some have pushed boundaries that would test any of us; others have chosen to live a life that looks unremarkable, but which fulfils their personal dreams. Countless staff and volunteers have made a real difference in someone’s life; again sometimes a huge difference, yet often through just a gentle and thoughtful act of kindness and through their calm and consistent day to day support.

Many families and carers have put their trust in Thera to support their loved one. Other individuals and organisations have helped Thera along its way.

Whoever you are, our heartfelt thanks go to each of you for what you have contributed to Thera and for everything that you have helped to achieve.


Here’s to the next 25 years!


Jenny, Matthew and Simon

Thera Group Executive Team


Read a PDF version of the Thera Group Executive message