Service Quality Directors launch communications cards

Posted 05/10/2020

Thera's Service Quality Directors (SQDs) have launched communications cards across the Group - to help make our meetings more accessible to all.

The communication cards are a set of cards, each one with a picture and phrase for use in a specific situation. When you’re in a virtual or in-person meeting, you can hold the cards up when you need to say something.

Some people can find it difficult to express themselves in meetings where there are lots of participants and struggle to be heard. We want to listen to all ideas and make sure everyone’s input is heard and feels validated.

The cards are already used in Thera by the SQDs in their meetings, along with some in-person meetings for the people we support.

Andrew Bright
Andrew Bright, who has helped promote the cards alongside other SQDs

Andrew Bright, Head of Development and SQD for Thera North, said, “With lots of our meetings now taking place virtually, we feel it’s the right time to expand the use of the cards across the Group to make our meetings more accessible.

“I’ve been really pleased to hear that teams across Thera have been using the cards in their meetings.

“We would like to particularly encourage those who do not have a lived experience of a learning disability to use the cards too so we can create a more inclusive environment for everyone.”

You can view and download the packs below for printing. We have also created an Easy Read guide and a video for those wanting more information on how to use the cards.