David gives an insight into being a Gig Buddies Member

Posted 31/03/2021

It's World Autism Awareness Week and David wanted to share his thoughts on Autism and Gig Buddies with Thera Trust.

Gig Buddies enables adults with a learning disability to live an active social life. They do this by pairing members to like minded volunteers to enjoy their shared passion together. Gig Buddies also work with a wide range of venues and arts organisations to make local events more welcoming for people with a learning disability.

Gig Buddies with Thera Trust currently operate in EdinburghWest Lothian, and Glasgow.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Gig Buddies run online socials that anyone can get involved with. These include Open Mic Nights, DJ Nights, Gig nights, Bake-Offs, and even a three day online music festival! Gig Buddies run the project through a private Facebook group, just apply to join it and let them know why you’d like to get involved with their online events.

“I have been a Gig Buddies member since summer 2020. It has been a great experience so far, and the staff have been really helpful. They are really understanding of autistic people. It is good that Gig Buddies are making their online sessions more adaptable for autistic people.

One of the barriers I find is that not all people and venues are aware of autism. Many places do not really know what autism is and they do not have much experience.

It’s a positive thing that Gig Buddies are working with venues to make them more aware of hidden disabilities such as autism, and it’s great to see more venues offering Autism friendly events/sessions.

Gig Buddies can pair people together to get out to events. Autistic people might find it harder to interact with other people, so having someone to get to know can be good.”

David, Gig Buddies Glasgow Member

If you’d like to sign up to become a member, please contact us.