Gavin shares his accomplishments!

Posted 08/03/2022

Gavin, who is supported by Thera (Scotland), has been extremely busy over the past year! In this blog, we hear more about what Gavin has achieved.

Getting fit and healthy during COVID-19

Gavin has been on an incredible journey to lose 6 stone over the last two years. Gavin, who has Prader Willi Syndrome, remained determined to achieve his goal despite being in lockdown, doing lots of walking and sticking to his rigid controlled diet, with the support from his staff team. Seeing his own progress was just the confidence boost he was after, feeling happy in his skin and most importantly, he enjoyed feeling how fit he became.

Gavin has also been busy in his garden, planting his own vegetables, taking care to look after them and water them as often as they needed it.

Embracing digital technology

The lockdown restrictions have meant that Gavin has had to change the way he does some things in his life. This has included learning to use Zoom and Microsoft Teams to continue his work and social life. He is even using it to keep in touch with his parents now too. Prior to the pandemic, Gavin has never used technology before, so this is an incredible achievement.

Gavin has kept himself busy whilst in lockdown by attending his local church services via Zoom. He had started attending before the restrictions came into force, but he quickly adapted to the changes.

He has even found time to get to grips with online shopping, embracing the fact that a lot of the shops were closed which meant he had to find what he needed online.

Playing an active part in Thera (Scotland)

Alongside all his day-to-day activities, Gavin is a Company Member at Thera (Scotland). This is an important role and enables Gavin to have a say in how Thera (Scotland) is run. He has had the opportunity to chair the Annual General Meetings and vote on important decisions. He attends 1 meeting a year, which due to COVID-19, has been held online via Zoom.

Gavin is also involved and helps with recruitment, specifically in the interviews for new staff members. He likes to ask them questions and make sure they are a good fit for Thera (Scotland). He also attends and gets involved in some of the team meetings.

Gavin is really proud of what he has accomplished over the past year! He said: “It’s good to be able to be involved in the company, I find it rewarding.”

We are delighted to hear about Gavin’s progress towards his goals and we look forward to hearing about what he gets up to in the coming year!

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