Fight for your Right to Party- Gig Buddies at the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Learning Disability Group Conference

Posted 13/10/2022

Gig Buddies with Thera and Stay Up Late Scotland were invited to come along to the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Learning Disability Group Conference on Friday 7th October

At the conference we heard from Alastair about the New Routes Home. A campaign for the right of all people with disabilities to have their own home and to have meaningful choices around where they live, and who they live with. This includes people in out of area placements and in inappropriate hospital settings. Then William shared his personal experience of being in a hospital and using Self Directed Support.

There was a discussion on ‘Dating can be Difficult- how to support people the right way’ this included a chat with Louise from Dates n Mates Aberdeen, who are a friendship and dating agency for adults with a learning disability.

‘Grow lives Bigger’ was a chat with Alastair and some members of the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Learning Disability Group, they shared the ways that they are supporting each other to be more confident getting out in their local communities.

Debbie from Gig Buddies Thera, and Keith and Michael from Stay Up Late Scotland went along and did a short talk on Stay Up Late Scotland and Gig Buddies.

After the conference there was a lovely buffet and then we had a party!

First up performing was Create Aberdeen, Makasign Rock Choir and Create Rockers, they really know how to party!




Then On the Rocks, a great musical duo…


and last but not least Kinell!

There was lot’s of dancing and we had a great time!

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