Gig Buddies at TRNSMT 2021

Posted 27/09/2021

Thanks to our friends at DF concerts, 3 lucky Gig Buddies members got to experience TRNSMT in Glasgow Green. All came away with great memories, and had a lot to say about the thought and effort that went into making the festival accessible for people of all abilities.

When Gig Buddies Glasgow launched in late 2019, we already had ideas about getting out to TRNSMT in 2020. Unfortunately the coronavirus had other plans and we had to wait till September 2021 to finally get out to Glasgow’s favourite festival. It was absolutely worth the wait!

Our friends at DF concerts kindly provided us with a pair of tickets to each day of the festival, and 3 lucky pairs got to experience TRNSMT.

Gig Buddies West Lothian member Euan went on the Friday and had “The best festival experience ever!” seeing several favourite bands.


Thank you Gig Buddies! I had an awesome day out at TRNSMT – it was the best festival I have ever been to and Primal Scream were my favourite band. I danced along to their whole set – Movin’ On Up and Country Girl were the best! I also saw Liam Gallagher, Twin Atlantic and Keane. I think my favourite was Primal Scream. 



On Saturday it was Cammy’s turn to enjoy the festivities. Cammy, a West Lothian member, was disappointed that Whitburn natives the Snuts weren’t able to perform due to testing positive for Covid, but took it in stride.

It’s a shame they had Covid but it cannae be helped. I enjoyed Sam Fender and the Courteeners, I hadn’t seen either of them before. Sam Fender was my favourite. The Boogie Bar was great, we had a great time dancing there and we went to all the different stands



Finally on Sunday, Glasgow pairing Ciaran and Keir had their first proper gig together.

When Ciaran and I first met, we quickly bonded over our shared taste in music, especially dance and electronic music, so when we found out we’d managed to wrangle ourselves tickets to TRNSMT – 3 days before! – we were both hyped for The Chemical Brothers. They did not disappoint.


The Chemical Brothers were the best act, hands down! It wasn’t just the sound and the music, the visuals were unreal. They have the same visual artists they’ve been working with for years and they put on such an incredible show, everything about it was amazing



Keir and Ciaran didn’t just enjoy the music- they also got properly stuck in to the festival atmosphere

As the evening grew darker, the techno-tent got packed and rowdy, with Ciaran and I even ending up in a little mosh pit of our own! A nerve racking yet exhilarating experience for us both, and one in which I was pleasantly surprised by the number of drunk festival goers who took special care not to run us over as they included us in their antics. I’d certainly return to TRNSMT myself and would encourage other people of all abilities to do the same.



All of the Gig Buddies revelers had access to the accessible platform, and all agreed that that the accessible facilities played a major part in making the festival a positive and stress-free experience. The platform was staffed by volunteers who were able to go to the bar or merch stand on punters’ behalf, saving disabled festival-goers the hassle and stress of navigating the crowds. This service, and the volunteers themselves, were unanimously praised by the Gig buddies members who went along.

I was brave…I went through and ordered mac cheese and churros as a treat, and I had fish and chips later. It was very busy so I went up top to see on the viewing platform. The bar staff were great, their names were Jackie and Laura.


Everything from entering the site, to the viewing platforms, the facilities, and the on-site staff who were heroes in navigating the crowd to cater to our needs was exceptional. Clearly a lot of thought and hard work had gone into the whole accessibility experience and it worked fantastically well. The staff did an excellent job and were very understanding, compassionate and kind in their interactions with us

-Kevin, Euan’s dad

The platform had a brilliant view, it was facing the main stage and we could see right through with nothing in the way. At the end of the night there weren’t that many people on the platform so me and Keir got right to the front. We had the best view there


By working with partners like DF Concerts, we hope to provide support to venues and promoters who are working to make their events accessible for everyone. We had the privilege of consulting on the TRNSMT Access Guide guide this year, and we hope to provide even more support for future gigs.

TRNSMT was Glasgow member Ciaran’s first ever live gig, but thanks to the great experience he had he’s sure it won’t be his last

 I didn’t expect to win the tickets but I’m so glad I did. See now that I’ve done this I just want to go to out and do it again, I can’t wait to get out to more gigs!